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Year 3 Willow Class

Class Teacher Miss Andi Robinson-

Willow Class update

Willow Class are packing loads into this short half term! The children have become so much more independent and are making fantastic progress in all their learning – I couldn’t be prouder of them. We’ve been enjoying trying to stretch our bodies (and grow taller!) with yoga in the sunshine and practising running, jumping and throwing in PE lessons. We are all very excited for our residential at Holmbury St Mary next week and can’t wait to take our learning outside!



This half term, we are focussing on Money. We have been learning how to make a total amount and calculate change, by adding and subtracting pounds and pence. We can now identify a decimal point, the tenths and hundredths columns. Next time you are shopping, please give the children the opportunity to handle money, calculate the total cost of your shop using mental strategies and work out how much change you will receive! Our final units of the year will be Angles, Lines and Shapes and Perimeter.


We started this half term by writing a formal letter to the Queen, suggesting a positive change that we would each make if we were queen for the day! Next, we wrote a fact file, informing our families about the journey of a river. Our main focus was on grouping related facts in paragraphs. We also revisited using eye-catching headings, sub-headings and labelled diagrams to help our readers navigate the text. After our residential, we will be writing a river adventure story. We will learn how to use the present perfect tense of verbs and continue practising using inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.


In our ‘Plants’ topic, we have been investigating what plants need to grow and exploring the functions different parts of plants. Our trip to Wisley inspired the children as budding botanists! Our final Science topic of the year will be ‘Animals, including Humans’. We will discover more about how the human body works, exploring the skeletal and muscular systems. We will learn about humans’ nutritional needs to maintain a healthy body.


We are learning all about rivers in our ‘Flow’ topic, asking the questions: ‘What is the impact of rivers on human life?’ and ‘What is the impact of humans on river life?’. We identified some of the features we had learned about in the classroom during our fieldwork at Wisley and enjoyed investigating the flow of the River Wey by throwing satsumas in the river!

Some of the children are now moving onto becoming free readers. To support their understanding of what they read independently, please discuss books with them and ask them questions. Please do keep encouraging them to read out loud regularly too, so they can continue to build expression, volume, tone and fluency.

Thank you for all your support,

Miss Robinson and the Year 3 team