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Year 2 Lime

Class teachers - Miss Aimee Selfe - email:
                       Miss Hannah Blunsdon - email: 

Lime Class Update 

Dear Lime Class parents, 

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to our summer term and we can't believe we only have two weeks left until half term. We are extremely excited for our jubilee afternoon on the field and hope you can all join us to celebrate. 

English: Our first focus text this half term was 'Meerkat Mail' and the children wrote fantastic diary entries and postcards from Sunny's point of view. We have also begun looking at the text 'The Storm Whale' where the children are writing a recount from the whale's perspective. We have been using lots of suffixes and conjunctions within our writing. 

Maths: We have looked at 2D and 3D shapes and have used lots of mathematical vocabulary such as vertices, edges and faces. We have also learnt about fractions and identifying halves, quarters and thirds. It would be brilliant if you could incorporate this into real life at home - cutting food in 'half' etc. In addition to this, we have been recapping our number bonds, our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and column addition and subtraction. 

Topic: The children have enjoyed the start of our 'Beachcomber' topic and have enjoyed learning all about Amelia Earhart - please ask them to tell you what they have learnt! We have 'flown' to Japan and the children have recreated 'The Wave' artwork by Hokusai and have written wave poems using powerful adjectives. We are going to compare how life in Japan is different to life in England before 'flying' to Australia to compare the beaches. This will link nicely to our Summer 2 topic - Land Ahoy! 



Lime Class have Forest School on the morning of Friday 27th. Please can they come appropriately dressed for this, with a sunhat and sun cream if needed and with a change of (red/blue/white) clothes for our jubilee party in the afternoon. 

Many thanks, 

The year 2 team :)