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Early Years - Sycamore

Class teacher Miss Jenny Skilton  -


EYFS - Sycamore Class


Hello Sycamore Class parents

Sycamore class are really enjoying our new class topic 'The Farm'. We have listened to lots of stories that are set on a farm and created our own farm maps. They are really looking forward to our class trip to the farm next week. We will be learning about different animals, plants and how farms help us in lots of ways. 

Our learning the half term:
English: We have been sequencing and retelling different farm stories and applying our phonic knowledge to write sentences about characters in our stories. We will be moving on to using our phonic knowledge to write facts about farm animals and food. 

Phonics: We have been learning more tricky words and recapping our phase 3 sounds. We are focusing on reading and spelling phase 4 CVCC and CCVC words. We will continue to focus on phase 4 this half term. We will be blending sounds together to read words containing digraphs and segmenting sounds to write words. 

Maths: We have been exploring numerical patterns and comparing numbers to 10. Over the next few weeks we will be comparing numbers, finding the difference between numbers, exploring different number bonds for numbers to 10 and solving number problems.

Reading books: Please read daily and sign and/or write a comment in your child's contact diary to let us know when you have read at home. These books will be used both at school and home so remember to bring them into school every day.

Library: Please also remember library books on Thursday. We will visit the school library every Thursday. The children will borrow a book to bring home for the week. 

Sound books: Please bring these into school every day. These sounds should be practised daily at home. In the front of the sound book there are some activities you can pick and choose from to support learning at home. If you talk about the sounds, please write a note in the book. The sound book will be used both at school and at home.


Home learning:

Please read daily. To support comprehension, ask your child questions about the text.
Please go through our sounds every day. To support our class learning, have fun on a sound hunt and listen to the sounds in the environment. Use our sounds to write shopping lists or cards.
Look for print and numbers in your environment. Talk about numbers and count items up to 10 e.g. steps or the number of plates at the table.
Share stories with your child at home every day. Talk about the front cover, predict what might happen and ask questions about the text.
Enjoy singing nursery rhymes and identify rhyming words in stories.


Thank you
Miss Skilton and The EYFS Team