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Early Years - Sycamore

Class teacher Miss Jenny Skilton  


Please see below our Year R Curriculum Presentation 2023-24

stl 2023 24 year r curriculum powerpoint for parents.pdf



EYFS - Sycamore Class - Spring 1

Hello Sycamore Class parents

What an exciting half term in Sycamore Class! The children have enjoyed finding out more about our world and have been very busy exploring maps. Over the half term we have enjoyed listening to stories about journeys, finding Effingham and St Lawrence on a map, creating our own imaginary maps and making yummy food. This week the children have enjoyed making dragon masks and celebrating Chinese New Year. Next half term our learning theme is animals. Thank you for all your support at home and we hope you have a lovely half term.

PSED: The children have been busy thinking about feelings and what we can do when we come across a challenge. Next half term we will be learning more about our bodies and ways to keep healthy. 

Literacy: The children enjoyed creating their own maps and working as a team to create our class map. Over the half term the children have been using their phonic knowledge to write sounds, words and sentences about our stories. We will continue to use our phonic knowledge and tricky words when writing words and simple sentences. We will continue to focus on forming our curly letters correctly in our handwriting.

Phonics: In Sycamore Class the children were excited to learn our sounds and tricky words. Next half term we will continue to apply our phonic knowledge daily and blend sounds together to read and write words and sentences. We will also be developing our fluency. Please read at home every day.

Maths: We have been exploring the counting system, ordering numbers and learning that a number can be made up of smaller parts. Next half term we will continue to recognise sets of objects by sight, represent numbers and use language to compare numbers. We will explore how a whole number can be made up of different parts and focus on developing our number bonds. 

Sound books: Please bring these into school every day. These sounds should be practiced daily at home. In the front of the sound book there are some activities you can pick and choose from to support learning at home. 

Library: We will visit the school library every Thursday. The children will borrow a book to bring home for the week. 


Home learning:
Please read for 5-10 minutes every day.
Please go through our sounds every day.
Enjoy singing nursery and number rhymes.
Talk about numbers and count items up to 20 e.g. steps or number of plates at the table.
Write shopping lists or cards. Encourage your child to hear sounds in the word and to form letters correctly.
Share stories with your child at home every day. Talk about the front cover, predict what might happen, discuss what has been read and ask questions about the text to develop understanding.

Miss Skilton and The EYFS Team