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Purpose & Values


Our Purpose
At St Lawrence we believe in learning.
All kinds of learning for all kinds of children.
We put learning at the heart of everything we do.
This is because we know that wherever learning flourishes, 
children flourish too.

St Lawrence - where learning flourishes.
Our Ambition
Learning to be outstanding.

Our Core Principles
we inspire learning
we feed curiosity
we show courage
we have ambition
we celebrate success
we are one

In all that we do and across our curriculum we seek to encourage and support children's understanding of fundamental British values

Pupils are taught to value 

  • Democracy: We make decision together
  • Rule of Law: We understand the need for rules 
  • Individual Liberty: We believe in freedom for all 
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance: We treat others how we would like to be treated 


In addition to the British values above, at St Lawrence we follow these additional values:

September – responsibility
October – honesty
November – kindness
December – respect
January – tolerance
February – co-operation
March – courage
April – fairness
May – commitment
June – citizenship
July – teamwork